Mission and Vission


The Institute of religious Education and Philosophy is committed to provide an academic, spiritual, pastoral and integral formation in the light of the Gospel and the technique of the Catholic Church.


The Institute of Religious Education and Philosophy, as a community of evangelizers working together with one mind and one heart in a familiar spirit, in adherence to the vision/mission of SSC-R envision to become authentic witnesses of the catholic Faith with moral uprightness and intellectual maturity responsive to the needs of the school community and the society.

Departmental Objectives:

In connection with the present directives of the Church and the vision/mission of SSC-R, written below are the general and specific objecyives of the Institute of Religious Education and Philosophy:

General Objectives:

  • To produce mature Christians who see in the life of Christ the inspiration to lead better livesTo instill in every person through academic, spiritual and pastoral faith-life integration of the Catholic teachings, the authentic tradition and values of our people as well as attitudes, habits and knowledge taht will contribute to make them a truly Catholic Christian Filipino

Specific Objectives:

  • To develop individuals with enough learning experiences, skills and talents in various fields of arts, science, and business industry through various religious and socio-civic activities;
  • To train and form individuals to become an asset of the family and society,and thereby bequeathing to its progress and development;
  • To produce graduates who are learned, compassionate, articulate, creative, thinking and faith-grown individuals capable of discharging moral and social responsibilities;
  • To produce human persons who are well-equipped with love for actual life and wisdom for prospective life;
  • To create a Catholic environment where members help each other develop into Filipinos and Filipinas who are “maka Diyos, maka tao, makabayan, and maka kalikasan and not makasarili” (PCP II,#636);To instill in each and every person the teaching of Catholic Church in line with the SSC-R’s mission to provide “Quality Catholic Christian Education;”To inculcate in the mind of the students spiritual and the moral values, making them responsible persons who accept Christ as their saviour.