The Institute of Religious Education & Philosophy is responsible for designing the direction towards the formation of moral values and social responsibilities needed in the promotion and sustenance of Filipino family, society, culture, and national identity. It forecasts the selection, organization and implementation of relevant and
adequate religious activities, experiences, and resources inside and outside the classroom for the purpose of establishing personal, social, and religious competence.

The institute also carries the principle of the Catholic education in which Religion is the core of the curriculum. The mission is realized by creating a separate institute under the VP- Academics and Administration. The Institute is offering five (5) Religious Education subjects and one (1) Philosophy subject. The courses
are patterned after the Augustinian model which begins in the individual person, continued through the “intellectus fidei” (understanding faith), and ends in one’s duty to love his neighbor, thus, responding to the challenge of PCP II- that “graduation becomes a mission-sending event after a period of discipleship”
(PCP-II, 640).